Looking back on a year of service, and looking ahead to new leadership, President Greg Choquette says 'Thank you' and welcomes in Bev Uhlenhake as our new President.
   Greg was very happy to thank the many members that helped make his year a success.  This included Ralph Foss, Sergeant-at-Arms.  Ralph makes the meetings work. He presented a plaque of thanks to Leslie Poake for her service as Treasurer and said he had one for Charlie Clemons for his work as Secretary.  
   He then thanked the “Pasts:”  Past District Governor Steve Johnson whose support and advice were invaluable; Past President Deb Sanford who never failed to have the right script at the right time on her phone; Past President Scott Boucher – Mr. Polio Plus, Mr. Technology, Mr. Purple Pinky, etc., etc., etc; Past President Steve Rich who said “plan your meeting before Tuesday and review it in the morning.” Past President Susan Jonason, musician extraordinare, Gala co-chair and board member; and Past President Lin Lufkin, the Christmas Parade Float designer and builder and another person that can be asked to get things done. 
   And the “Presents:”  Cynthia Bergin, Gala co-chair, board member and general all-around-doer; Susan Chaar, a person to ask to get things done; Chick Rauch, the numbers man, historian and all around clutch hitter; Barbara McDade, newsletter editor and community doer; Al Faust, our planter, weeder and feeder; Roland Narofsky, the man without whom the Festival of Lights would not happen; Reverend James Haddix, who always gave invocations done with great care and meaning; Lee Souweine, another musician extraordinare and helper. 
   And, the “Futures:”  Bev Uhlenhake, our soon to be Club President, Sarah Joy, our new Vice President, Brian Donahue, our incoming Treasurer and Music Off Broadway coordinator; Cynthia Bergin, President Elect; Deb Sanford, starting her second time around as secretary and John Byrne, Steve Villett and Jim Westhoff, our club website and communications team.  Of course, Greg admits, these are only a few of the people who made it a pleasure to serve as the club president this year. 
   Some of the highlights of the year include raising over $3,000 for Polio eradication from member’s pocket change; The Beer Tent with Roger, Steve, Jim and Deb; the Festival of Lights Parade and Tree Lighting; the monthly projects including the Honoring of the 911 Responders; Love Poems and Readings with Jean Deighan with a second reading at the Maine Veterans Home; the Lunch for the First Responders; Children’s Books and reading at area schools and after-school places; City Forest clean-up and trail work; scholarships; non-profit grants and the Rotary rotary. 
   Greg then passed the gavel to our new president, Bev Uhlenhake. Bev’s first action was to present a plaque to Greg with the Club’s thanks for his time and talent during the past year.  She announced that she will be handing out Challenge Coins to members that are making a difference in our communities.  She presented the first one to Greg.  Bev remarked that service is contagious, so please don’t be afraid to serve—and don’t forget to say, “Thank You!”