Happy & Sad Dollars
  Susan Chaar was very happy (in fact she gave 20 very happy dollars) to announce that her son got married on June 10 in a wonderful place on Sebago Lake—all her children were there—it was a beautiful happy day and she is now feels that all her kids are going to make it in the world. 
  Scott Boucher was happy to welcome Robin Merchant, Assistant District Governor to our club.  Robin was happy to give a “well done” thumbs up to Greg for his service this year and a “best of luck” to Bev for the coming year. 
  David Green was happy to report a phone call from his middle son in Montreal.  He is now officially engaged.  No word yet on when the wedding will take place. 
  Earl Black is happy to announce that his company will be holding a yard sale to help Sarah’s House.  If you have items to put in the sale, contact Earl and he will send a truck to pick them up. 
  Lee Souweine was very happy that he got to go to a U2 Concert at Gillette Field.  He loved the concert, but felt that 59,964 people at the concert were younger that he is.