Speaker Date Topic
Eric Willett & John Theriault Aug 20, 2019
Public Works & Engineering Projects in Bangor

Eric Willett is is the Public Works Director for Bangor and John Theriault is the Bangor City Engineer.

Michelle Markie, RN Aug 27, 2019
SAFE Nurses program at St Joe's

Michelle Markie is the head of the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Nurse team at St. Joe's Hospital.

Michelle was recently awarded the Mother Mary Angela Award – the highest honor for St. Joe’s employees. Only four awards are given each year, to those who exemplify our mission and our values (Compassion, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence). Recipients are nominated and chosen by their peers, and Michelle was recognized for her efforts in collaboration.

Michelle has been an RN with St. Joe’s for her whole career, and she gives generously of her time and spirit to the mission. On top of her full-time role in the ED, Michelle is on call 24/7 – for whenever a victim of sexual assault may need her specialized skills and attention. She and her team also conduct a lot of outreach: to train other organizations how to respond appropriately to sexual assault victims, and to make sure St. Joe’s SAFE services are known throughout the community. The team are always seeking to further their knowledge too - to make sure they know the latest forensic techniques and are provided sensitive, best-practice care.